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About Us

Professional door fitters

Door Express SW is based in the South West and works throughout the South West of the UK. Expert door fitters with over 40 years of experience. If you're looking for the best doors at the best price, then contact Door Express SW to see how we can help you.
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Door fitters with a personal touch

Some words from Steve Bird, founder of Door Express SW

"Hi I'm Steve! The first door I fitted was about 40 years ago when I was an apprentice carpenter, I've always believe in quality workmanship. To this day, I have fitted over 25,000 doors and yes, I still love what I do and if you enjoy what you do, you always do it better. I have always fitted to the standard that I would fit in my own home."
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Four Panel White
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Specialist tools

We use specialist tools that a normal carpenter wouldn't use, as they are expensive unless you use them every day. We use a specialist power planer with a curved blade so it slices through the timber rather than a standard planer with straight blades that chops through. 

A curved blade leaves a much smoother and cleaner finish to the edge, after planning, which ensures that your door to fit the frame properly. We trim the four long edges with a special trimmer, which rounds them off and makes your door feel more like a piece of furniture rather than the square edges a standard carpenter would leave.

Weather doesn't stop us

We also carry a commercial gazebo, so if it rains we've got cover, we don’t have to work in your hallway.

All the work is done on a large dust sheet outside your property so we don’t leave any mess, we even have an extractor to suck up the sand dust and shavings as we work, so if the wind blows, it does not blow over shavings all over your property.

We are Door Express SW, door fitters that work throughout the South West of the UK. If you need the best quality doors for your home, get in contact with us today! We are based in Taunton.

Free Phone: 0800 097 3333
Office: 0870 800 4242
Mobile: 0776 737 6770
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