Steve and Jack are Door Express South West – the leading independent door fitters in the South West of England.

With over 40 years’ experience in the industry, they know their trade inside out. They are not just your standard joiners, chippys or installers; Door Express provide an unmatched customer service, with only trusted and top quality doors and door fittings.

You’ll always get a professional and thorough service, but with a friendliness and a sense of humour that always stands them above their competitors.

Doors Fitted with a Personal Touch

Steve Bird – Founder of Door Express South West:

“ Hi I’m Steve! The first door I fitted was about 40 years ago when I was an apprentice carpenter. I’ve always believed in quality workmanship, and have always fitted only to the high standard I’d expect from both product and work I’d have in my own home. Since then, I have fitted over 25,000 doors and yes, I still love what I do and as I always say; if you love what you do, you always do it better. “

What makes Door Express stand out above any others? They approach door fitting differently, and the clue is in their name. They fit doors quickly and professionally in the South West – Simple. There is no messing about, just a friendly approach to customer service that is full of politeness and humour, all this whilst fitting top quality doors and fittings well.

Time is more than money; you’ve chosen the doors, you’ve chosen the fittings, now your doors just need to be fitted properly. At Door Express, we’d rather leave you with a perfect end result than squeeze another fitting in elsewhere. We always make sure enough time is available to do the job right, not rushed. If it takes longer to fit your doors, the price paid remains set, and you won’t end up with a rushed finish just to stay within any time restraint. You will get the job done perfectly, whatever the time scale needed to make sure of it.

Doors Fitted – Properly

We use specialist tools for a specialist job. We are not just carpenters, not just chippys, we are not DIY multi-trades; we fit doors. We use specialist tools that are designed for door fitting, purpose built to ensure your doors are fitted properly no matter what the setting.

Proper tools for a proper job:  we use specialist power and hand tools, purpose designed for precision door trimming, adjustment and fitting. There are expensive tools unless used every day, but worth every penny to ensure your doors are fitted perfectly.

Why is this important? Unlike with a standard planer, the curved blade leaves a much smoother and cleaner finish to the worked edge, ensuring that your doors will fit their frames neatly and properly. It slices through the timber rather than chopping at it, which prevents the finish of the door being rough or uneven. We trim all four long edges with a further specialist trimmer, rounding them off and leaving them looking and feeling more like a piece of beautifully finished furniture, rather than the sharp square edges generally left by a carpenter.

We don’t just fit doors, we fit and finish them right.

The Weather Won’t Stop Us

We carry a commercial gazebo, so if it rains we won’t have to work in your hall way, or traipse damp sawdust through your home.

All our work is carried out on a large dust sheet outside of the property so we don’t leave any mess – we even have an extractor to suck up any sanding dust or wood shavings so the breeze won’t carry them inside. Door Express fit doors, properly, professionally, cleanly.

As Steve would say, “Come rain or shine, your doors will still fit fine!”

Where Do We Work?

Doors Express South West can fit doors to fulfil all sorts of customer requirements, be it a bungalow in Bude, a Show Home in Swindon, a Dormitory in Dorset or a Caravan (static, of course) in Cardiff. We work along the M5 corridor from Exeter to Dursley, and along the M4 corridor from Cardiff to Swindon. We also cover the A303 corridor, giving us access to the whole South West between them. Essentially, if you’re within 90 minutes of us here in Taunton, we will come and fit your doors! So, if you want doors fitted and you live in the South West, we are your one stop shop for a superb service.